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Another Firework!

While going through some of Robert's effects which had been in long-term storage in our loft, Kath came upon another of his poems. We had not known of its existence.

It was handwritten, untitled, undated and even contained a spelling mistake!

We think that the poem dates from 1990 when, as part of the requirements of his International Relations degree course at Keele University, Robert spent some time in South Africa. This was at the time when South Africa was beginning the process of freeing itself from apartheid, something which Robert celebrates in his poem.

In terms of Robert William Foot OBE the poet, the discovery of this poem is of particular significance because it was written during the otherwise fallow period between his last boyhood poem of 1981 and the first of his adult poems that we knew about which dates from 1998.

Perhaps more of Robert's poems remain to be discovered.
Sept 2004.

For years an eclipse has shadowed this land

For years an eclipse has shadowed this land
A periphery of hope
With no power to enlighten
Wagons of the mind locked for 'survival'
All man's innate fears held captive within.
Dividing, destroying; these nations, this land.

Yet cracks have appeared
Laagers dispersing
The chains that bind are shattered by light.
Rays of a new dawn penetrate closed minds
"Stay well the present", in reality's bright light.
The glow of enlightenment fashions a future
Uniting, rebuilding; this nation, this land.







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