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The poems of Robert William Foot OBE

born 12 September 1969 died 5 November 2002

Many people knew about Robert's achievements as a political advisor working for the Ministry of Defence, first and more briefly in Bosnia and later in Sierra Leone.  Indeed they will have shared in his delight and pride when these achievements were recognised by his being awarding the OBE in the New Year's Honours List of 2001.

Many knew of his sporting enthusiasms and expertise, of his enviable ability to relish and be proficient in whatever sporting opportunities and challenges presented themselves. Many knew of his passionate support of Queens Park Rangers Football Club, of his part-ownership of a one-eyed racing greyhound, of his love of much music and of an even greater diversity of literature. Many knew of the great pleasure he derived from travel and adventure, of his sheer sociability, of his wish - indeed his ability - to live life to the full.

What relatively few people knew, however, was Robert's ability as a poet. It was an ability which flowered most obviously in his primary school days, but it was something which never left him and which found most magnificently moving expression after his final diagnosis and as he prepared to die from his leukaemia.

This book, all the profits from which are being donated to the Robert Foot Leukaemia Fund, celebrates the man and his poetry by bringing his poems to a wider audience. They and the fund represents tangible aspects of his continuing legacy, of his continuing power for good.







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