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RFLF - how the money has been spent

As set out in the Aims of the Charity (see the "About The Charity" link), the RFLF's main aims are concerned with improving either the care or comfort of young adults suffering from leukaemia, and particularly in the places where Rob received the majority of his treatment - Guy's Hospital London, Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn and Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge.

As of November 2015, The following sums have been donated.

  • Guy's/St Thomas's Hospital.
    £49,900 donated to equip a dedicated social/entertainment room in the new unit for teenagers and young people with cancer and leukaemia.
  • Shouldham Ward, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn.
    £50,300 donated - £5,000 of it for a much needed computer server, the remainder for patient comforts such as Sky Television, laptops, Play Stations, DVDs, puzzles and games, and much more.
  • Teenage Cancer Trust, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge
    £56,600 donated to patient comforts including a juke box and similar items (excluding Sky Television) to those provided for Shouldham Ward.
  • Adam Bird Appeal
    £3,000 donated. Adam's father Nick, was a school friend of Robert and his sister Helen.
  • about £8,000 is presently uncommitted.

    We thank all those who have supported, who are supporting, or who will support RFLF in the future.







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