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Memories of Robert William Foot OBE

Here, gathered together in one volume, are the memories of over fifty people who knew Rob.

The fifty people represent most walks of life; they range from the 3-year-old to the 96-year-old; and their memories extend over most aspects of Rob's relatively short but hugely fulfilled life.

Here are memories of the poet, the traveller, the sportsman, the socialiser, the friend, the peacemaker, the... Memories of a boy and a man living life to the full, and latterly living with leukaemia and awaiting premature death with the same 'fullness'. Here are memories which are sometimes hilarious, sometimes achingly poignant, often enough inspirational.

Here too are five more of Rob's poems from his adult days in South Africa and Cambodia, all discovered only after the publication in 2003 of 'Fireworks: the poems of Robert William Foot OBE'

Robert William Foot lives on in the memories and in RFLF - Robert Foot Leukaemia Fund, to which all profits from this book are being donated. Three years after his passing, the man, through the memories and the fund, continues to be an immense power for good.


First published 2005

Available, price £10 (plus £1 p&p), from:

Michael and Wendy Foot,
The Old Coach and Horses,
Folgate Lane,
Walpole St Peter,
Cambs PE14 7HS

Cheques payable to 'Robert Foot Leukaemia Fund'.

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