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Wendy House Crafts is a small, home-based business enterprise which exists solely to raise money for the Robert Foot Leukaemia Fund. It is run by Robert's mum, Wendy, from her home at Walpole St Peter in Norfolk and has to date raised almost £26,500

The Main products are a selection of seasonal jams, marmalades, pickles and chutneys, the majority using fruit and vegetables organically grown by husband Mike in the garden, or provided by generous friends and neighbours from their excess. These are sold from home and at local craft fairs. In addition, Wendy makes attractive cards for all occasions and fabric shopping bags in an effort to encourage people to cut down on their use of plastic carrier bags.

Selections of cards can be sent by mail, as can the shopping bags, and though it is not possible to post preserves, deliveries can sometimes be arranged.
Please phone 01945 780468 for details of any products mentioned above.